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Is your imaging department confident it can meet the demands of value-based care?

Learn how we are applying insights from radiologists, care providers and industry trends to create the products, tools and technologies that can meet the challenges of imaging today. A call to action: Creating imaging confidence through purposeful innovation addresses:

  • How to keep pace with innovation that improves outcomes and reduces costs
  • How to make big data meaningful in real time to benefit patients
  • How to standardize imaging to speed acquisition and workflows while maintaining personalized, patient-centric care
  • How to create good patient experience in radiology, and how much you can impact it

For imaging information, simple or integrated, to have relevant value, it must be the right information, it must be in the right location, and it must be delivered fast and reliably at the right time."

- Dieter Enxmann, MD, Chair and Professor, Department of Radiological Services at UCLA Medical Center

Customer story

See how we collaborated with Lahey Health to confidently deliver the right images and insights – reducing stress in the healthcare system, while improving the experience for the patient and care team.

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We hope you found our position paper, A call to action: Creating imaging confidence through purposeful innovation, an informative and engaging look at the challenges and opportunities in radiology today. Stay tuned for more news, case studies and updates as we continue to explore how imaging can adapt to meet the needs and demands of a changing landscape.